RUN LEA RUN, 2019, 16h bay gelding — sold for racing

Lea is another nice, happy, sensible, young gelding! Only 3, he still has some growing to do. He’s described to us as being a “nice horse” who is easy to handle for pretty much everything, and that’s exactly what we observed. He was eagerly responsive to everything that was asked of him; he seems like a true people pleaser! We were told that his only vice is that he sometimes cribs on the edge of his bucket at feeding time (this may easily change once he’s off the track and in a different environment). When we visited him, he had been cooped up in his stall for three days following a race earlier in the week; he walked, backed up, allowed us to pose him, and stood quietly like a perfect gentleman. The exercise riders report that he is easy to jog and that “he tucks his head down and goes to work”. During his video, he was happy and ready to go, but quickly settled; he was responsive and seemed eager to wait and receive for cues from his handler. We observed a nice relaxed walk overstep and fluid trot. Several volunteers exclaimed, “cute!” when he displayed an athletic jog. He also boasts a favorable pedigree for sport- he is by Lea with Giants Causeway and Saddler’s Wells on his sire’s side, out of a Hard Spun mare with Danzig and Dynaformer on his dam’s side.

As the Finger Lakes season winds down, and with only a single win in his 14 starts, his owner has decided to sell this adorable young gelding before he returns to Florida for the winter. Which is only your gain!

Price: $3,000 negotiable

Contact: Hector Garza 803-357-0417

Racing Record:


Run Lea Run face Run Lea Run left Run Lea Run right Run Lea Run rrrear


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