S Z Madison, 8 year old, 15.3h bay horse.

What a handsome package: Solid body, balanced compact uphill build, beautiful head, sweet and sensible personality.  Although he is still a stud, there is nothing studdish about him. His owner/trainer, who loves him dearly, told us he is very well mannered and easy to work with, has no vices, and has been stabled next to fillies with no problems. He has had this horse for three and a half years, and he is one of his favorites. He is stopping on him because he has an old suspensory injury and he does not think it will hold up to more racing and he does not want to see his beloved boy get hurt. A very good home is essential.  The daughter of one of our volunteers, who works in the same barn shedrow at the track, raved to us about what a wonderful horse Madison is — she says he has the coolest friendly personality, and is always such a good boy. She says that whoever steps up for him will get a wonderful horse for pleasure or trail riding or all around fun and companionship. His owner/trainer also thinks he should be appealing to people who breed for sport and the show ring, and want a beautiful thoroughbred to cross with warmblood or even pony mares.

Price: $500
Contact:  Neville Henry 585-905-4214

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