Sing To Me, 3 year old, 14.2 ch. filly: Placed!

If you are looking for a child’s hunter in an irresistibly adorable package, look no further than Sing To Me!

This little girl may very well be the most adorable horse we have ever seen! At 14.2 hh, she is closer to pony size with chrome galore and incredibly intricate and unusual markings. She is only twp years old so will grow some more, but she won’t be a big horse. We took her glamor shots in very cold and windy conditions and she was unfazed by the weather and all the activity around her. She was quiet, affectionate and well behaved. Her handler described her as sound but just too small to be a competitive racehorse. Interestingly enough, her dam, Fly To Me, was Finger Lakes Horse of the Year several years ago. Her breeder/owner has chosen to stop on her and give her the best chance possible to move on to her next move. This is one fancy filly who will light up the show ring for the lucky person who gets there first!

Contact: Michelle Tasso – 585-472-2804

Price: $1,000

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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