Stop Sign, 2010 16.2+ h chestnut gelding: retained for racing

Stop Sign, rather amusingly and ironically named, showed so much GO that he’d blow right through that sign! While he has been a successful allowance level racehorse, his trainer hasn’t been doing much with him in recent weeks because she has decided that he just doesn’t want to race anymore. He has won two races this year, earning over $26,000 this year alone, and many more in other years, so he has earned his keep and then some.  He still has a lot of pent-up energy, which he put on full display on a brisk but sunny morning. With his tall and lanky, balanced, and upward build and gorgeous movement, we think he would make an exciting eventing or dressage prospect for an experienced rider. This horse just shouts athlete!
At the jog Stop Sign could have distracted us with his snorting, tail-flagging dragon impression, but we were very impressed with his loft and suspension. The handler did a great job of keeping him contained so we could see that he has really lovely movement and, once given some letdown and turn out and a change away from a race horse sweet feed diet, he will show it off with less theatrics. We also watched some videos of his winning races, and those reveal that he is a fabulous mover, with an amazing floaty reach to his trot.
 Price $1000
Contact Donna Bireta 585-281-3058

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