Surge Ahead. 2010, 16.2h, Chestnut Gelding

Looking for well balanced, clean legged, sound and sizeable? Check out Surge Ahead. Quiet enough to jog on a brisk day on a busy backside with no chain, this adorable gelding marched right into the hearts of our volunteers. His trainer reports that he can be grouchy in his stall, but in his extended meet and greet in the road between the barns, he was nothing but polite, snuggly and friendly. He is reportedly excellent to work under tack– well mannered with a good work ethic. He knows his job and is happy to go to work each day. He’s been with his current connections since early spring and has been steadily gaining weight while still in race training. He will surely fill out with a lighter work regimen. He finished fourth yesterday and his connections are looking to move him on to a new discipline while he is still sound and clean legged. Looking for an RRP mount or your next eventer or sport horse? We could see Surge Ahead doing just that– surging ahead to the top of the ribbons in any new discipline.

Price: $1500neg.
Contact: Mark Eagan 804-317-2531

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