Tanzillion, 4 year old, 16.1 bay gelding – Placed!

Good looking, athletic, well put together, and clean legged, this young horse has unlimited potential. Don’t be put off by the fact that he had not yet been washed off after his morning exercise: he was listed last year before being sold to new people for continued racing, and those photos were taken earlier in the summer, and show what a pretty bay dappled coat he can have when it is not approaching the wooly season.  He was feeling full of himself on a cold blustery day, and showed great prancy suspension for his jog video.  With his slightly uphill build we could just imagine him showing off in dressage. Based on our memory and the video from last year, he is a very good mover with lots of athleticism.  The only blemish on his legs is cosmetic, where white hair grew in over a scar from a cut he suffered as a 2 y.o.  His legs were cold and tight.  He is just not showing any racing ability this year, and he needs to find a new home as soon as possible.  Another diamond in the rough with huge potential, at a bargain price.

Price: $500
Trainer Pablo Torres, contact person is Sugar Rohena, 787-310-3954
As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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