The Butler Did It, 2008 grey 16.1 + h gelding

Big, handsome, friendly and quiet, clean legged and sound… and GREY!!!  His owner/trainer says this guy is a quiet and kind horse to ride and handle, has absolutely no vices, and is so sound and clean legged that she does not even wrap or bandage him after workouts or races. He just doesn’t seem that into being a race horse anymore, so she would like to find him a great new home where he can excel in a new career.  She says he is good in turn out, whether with other horses or alone. He was well behaved and alert while we took his photos, even though there was a lot of commotion going on around him, with horses coming and going from the track at the peak of morning training hours.  Because of all the horses being ridden around us, along with cars and trucks, we could not get a clear path to jog him for a video, but we saw a hint of nice suspension. We watched some of his race videos, and our impression that he is a good, balanced mover was confirmed.
Price: $2,000
Contact:  Phyllis Shetron  585-317-8892
Race record:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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