Thug Daddy 2011 16.3+h ch gelding

Many times we have walked into this shedrow and commented on the one horse who towers over his stablemates, Today we were introduced to Thug Daddy, a big horse with a ton of potential. He is described as a powerful horse who requires an experienced handler, but he’s not a bully and isn’t mean. He was turned out at the trainer’s farm this past winter and he was mellow and easy to get along with. His trainer states that he is a good boy to gallop in training and looks and moves like a million bucks under saddle. He’s another horse on the Finger Lakes backside that is finding it harder to compete in tougher conditions and has probably seen his best racing days. He is relatively lightly raced with 35 starts and 14 in-the-money finishes. His trainer relates that, after his last race, he was ouchy on his left knee. The knee was x-rayed and is completely negative so it is possible that he jammed it. It has resolved and he was sound when he jogged for his video. Other than his impressive size (including his head and feet!), Thug Daddy has a very kind eye and were we ever surprised and delighted to see such a big horse move so lightly over the ground. He demonstrated ground covering reach and beautiful suspension, attributes his trainer says gets noticed on the track.

We think this big daddy has unlimited potential and hope we get updates to the lucky person who takes him home.

Price $2000 neg.

Contact Donna Bireta 585-281-3058

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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