Tish’s Bad Boy, 2009 16.2h chestnut gelding

Good things come to those that wait and he is definitely a GOOD THING! Late on a rainy, dreary morning, Tish’s trainer asked us to stop by the barn and it wasn’t until we had left the track to photograph several others on a neighboring farm that we realized we had forgotten him. We backtracked and were delighted to meet this truly spectacular hunk of a horse!

Tish’s handler clearly loves him and had a lot of useful information about him, which is always appreciated when we start doing bios. Tish has been a useful racehorse with 29 starts and 10 in-the-money finishes, but he just doesn’t enjoy going over to the paddock for saddling. He has much bigger plans in mind for life off the track and we think the lucky person who gets this beefcake will have one of the more exciting prospects to grace our listings. We noticed a broad, chiseled chest, strong shoulder and a big, powerful, dappled engine. He is reported to be a sweet guy in his stall and his handler stated that she doesn’t even tie him for his morning grooming sessions. She further stated that, while he is a kind, sweet boy, he is a powerful one and requires an experienced handler and rider.

The best part of the interview came when, after oohing and aahing his conformation and muscling, he showed off a jaw-dropping jog with a floaty, light on his feet suspension that doesn’t seem congruent with such a large animal, but light he is. We had to wait for the camera to stop recording before we could excitedly exclaim over his movement. It is our opinion that horses with his size, soundness and movement are less than common and, at his price, he is a bargain beyond measure.

Price $2000

Contact Ralph 585-281-1029

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