To It and From It, 2009 16.1+h dark bay mare

This beautiful mare with shiny dapples in her dark chocolate colored coat is described as an all around good girl — good to handle, good to ride, good personality, and sound.  She just isn’t running as competitively this year.  Her good girl description was apparent to us as we took her photos; even though she was pulled away from her lunch, she pleasantly walked out of the barn, stood like a model and looked around with interest, and trotted quietly alongside her groom. We admired her good uphill build, strong shoulder and clean legs. She looks very athletic, and she showed good movement for her jog video. She comes from the Deputy Minister sire line, which is popular in sporting/jumping disciplines. An excellent prospect for any discipline, at a bargain price!
Price:  $1000 negotiable
Contact:  Kevin  508-965-0072

Race Record:

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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