Valuable Friend, 2008 16h, chestnut mare

Update: She is now in need of a new home as soon as possible! Our photos are from 2012, when she was in another barn. She continued to race well since then, but now she is letting her connections know that it is time to move her on to a non-racing career. We have been informed that she is sound, but could use a little bit of downtime from her racing career before being started in retraining for a new discipline. This is a lovely mare, please give her a chance!

This beautiful girl with little white spots on her gleaming chestnut coat looks to us like she has fancy show horse potential!  Flashy, eye-catching, and very pretty, she has excellent conformation, and she posed ever so quietly like a model.   Her trainer says she is sound, generally well behaved, and not at all marish. With her great shoulder and lovely flat kneed movement, we can see her excelling as a show hunter.  She had raced the day before her photo session, and she appeared very sound for her jog.  They want to find her a new home because she is just not showing enough top racing ability now that she has to face tougher race conditions to make it worth continuing.  But there is indeed real quality here for a new career.  She may be the bargain of the season!

Price: $500 negotiable to a good home
Contact Ed Babcock  H: 585-742-2679  or cell: 585-704-1323

September, 2014

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