We have no doubt that this beefy, gorgeous gelding will command attention, maybe with more shares and comments than we have ever seen, and for good reason. It’s not because he is a coveted gray, but because he has excellent connlections who really “know” their horses and their potential, develop rapport with their charges and take excellent care of them. Walking down their shedrow is like being a kid in a candy store: each stall has a shiny, muscled, full-bodied inhabitant. They are offering their handsome boy reluctantly because they truly adore him, but they have an active breeding and racing operation and can’t justify keeping a young, sound, talented horse as a pet.

So, other than the obvious fact that he is a big, beautiful gray horse, he also has superb sporthorse breeding and movement. Macho Uno get are great jumpers and performance horses at high levels of competition and this guy has all the hallmarks of an exciting sporthorse off the track. He has been lightly raced with 17 lifetime starts and 4 in the money finishes. He was a $70,000 yearling purchase and perhaps could have lit up the tote board more than he has but, according to his trainer, he dislikes going to the track. Done deal. He’s communicating and they are listening. He is described as sound and we noted that he has beautiful, well-balanced conformation and a jog that floats with push from the shoulder (he ran 2 days ago). He has been turned out on the farm and is a sweetheart with other horses. If he has a ding, it is that he is food aggressive and wants to eat his meals alone and in peace! How cool would it be to walk into the barn everyday and see this beauty with the words “what’s up, big guy?”

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Price $5000


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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