Wild for Summer, 4 year old, 15.3-16 h, bay gelding

Despite his wonderful name this boy isn’t wild at all and certainly not wild about racing. His trainer says he’s a very friendly guy who is sound with no vices but just doesn’t want to be a racehorse. That seemed to be reflected in his soft kind eye and friendly demeanor with his trainer. He was very content to rest his head on John’s shoulder while we were talking and it was a very windy day. His trainer said he did well last year but just isn’t interested this year. He says he is sound with no vices with no wear and tear. He has nice clean legs, great feet and who jogged quietly without a chain over his nose on a very windy day. He just loved hanging out with us munching mints and giving lots of kisses. Don’t be fooled by how he looks standing next to his 6 ft 4in tall trainer. This a is a solid guy who would fill out quickly on grass and might have a bit more growing to do. He’s a lovely horse who could go in any direction, come check him out and bring plenty of mints.

Trainer:John Ross
Contact: 315 945-8151
Asking:$ 1,200



As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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