Xena’s Cat 2014 15.1 h bay filly

Homebred Xena’s Cat is unraced and is not showing enough promise at this point in her career for her doting owners/breeders to continue on with her race training.  Xena has a compact and very well proportioned build and, although she is likely to still be growing, may top out a tad taller but she won’t be a big horse. Because she hasn’t been in training for about a week she was quite on the muscle this morning but we are confident that, once off the track and in an environment that she prefers, she will settle right down and be a cute prospect for retraining your way.  Xena is very good in turnout with her buddies and has had the winter turned out on her owner’s farm. She is said to be without vices and is sound. We think this cute, well-built filly with a nice toe-pointing jog is a promising young prospect for just about any discipline.

Price $800

Contact Steve Ubbink 585-233-3501


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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