Aaron Burr 2012 16.3+ bay gelding: new price

A regally bred son of Bernardini, Aaron Burr is a young, statuesque, friendly and classy guy who is being retired from racing because he is not handling the rigors of racing and his connections want the absolute best for him. Aaron is relatively new to his current trainer and he has trained enthusiastically and well, always galloping like a young gentleman under his trainer’s regular rider. He’s playful, happy and has endeared himself to his connections. Aaron has some arthritis in his left ankle, likely a result of him being pushed a bit as a young horse because he showed so much talent early on. Aaron is beautifully conformed, with a balanced, correct body that may still top out at 17 hands. His trainer has fallen in love with this young guy in the time she has had him, and is committed to finding him an appropriate non-racing home, perhaps as a dressage mount. Aaron’s demeanor is impeccable and he demonstrated such a calm and classy disposition while he posed in the road for his pictures, on a loose lead, without putting a foot out of place. For his video, Aaron showed a loose, relaxed walk with a big stride and a light movement at the jog. Aaron’s xrays are available for review and his trainer is available to fully discuss his recent veterinarian opinions.

Price $1000

Contact Lauren Linn 585-919-4376


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