PRINCESS AZTECA, 2016 15.1h bay filly

Princess Azteca head

Located at a farm near Avon NY, where she can be seen by appointment This dappled filly is described as very brave, athletic, and handy… those attributes, plus her smaller size, should make her a perfect polo prospect! She also … Continue reading

Racing Raven 2015 16.1 dk bay gelding

Racing Raven 5

Racer was originally listed with us late last year but was purchased by his current connections to be retained for racing. They have enjoyed having him in their small stable, where he has fit right in with his stable mates … Continue reading

DONNY, 2017 16.1h chestnut gelding

Donnie head

Located at a farm in Shortsville, NY, very close to the Finger Lakes Race Track This big, still growing guy has an uphill build, solid bone, and strong shoulder — and an excellent pedigree. If you have the knowledge and … Continue reading

Stronger Kat, 2016, 15.3+ day bay filly

Stronger Kat3

Located at the Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, NY (near Rochester, NY).  This pretty Florida bred made her way up north in the Spring, but after two starts up north, she’s letting her connections know that racing really isn’t … Continue reading

LOVER’S LEAP, 2015 16.1h chestnut gelding

Lover's Leap2

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY We admired this very handsome dappled beauty for his lofty athletic movement, great shoulder, and enticing aptitude for upper level sporting disciplines. His owner says that he “is as sound as they come,” and that … Continue reading

Gonna Be Morgan, 2014, 15h+ chestnut mare

Gonna Be Morgan3

  Located at the Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, NY (near Rochester, NY).  Major cutie patootie alert!  Our volunteers wanted to load this gal up in our cars and take her home with us.  Morgan is described a cute girl who “does … Continue reading

BOLD LITTLE BABY, 2015 16+h bay mare

Bold Little Baby1

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY Sweetest horse EVER!! That is what the handler who showed this pretty mare to us kept exclaiming over and over — that she was one of the sweetest horses she had ever dealt with. She … Continue reading

BENNY AND ALEX, 2013 16.2h grey gelding

Benny and Alex3

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY Hello gorgeous!  This guy certainly got our attention with his chiseled Arab-like head, dazzling dapples,  strong shoulder and solid boned  conformation. Benny’s trainer says he is sound and she emphasized that while … Continue reading

MARRIED TO ANYA, 2014 16h bay gelding

Married to Anya head

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY​ On a day when we saw several handsome solid bodied horses, this guy gets the beefcake award! Not only is he a solid hunk of horse, but he’s quite pretty, well balanced, … Continue reading