How to buy

The horses that we list are located at the Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, NY, near Rochester. A few horses may be at farms near the track, and if so that will be indicated in the descriptive information for that horse. If you are interested in a particular horse, contact information for the horse’s owner or trainer or representative is located on the listing. Please call the listed number to discuss a horse that you are interested in, rather than calling or messaging us.

Please remember that the trainers are very busy. If an appointment is made to come and see a horse, make certain you keep the appointment. If you will be late or unable to keep the appointment, please call and let the designated contact person know. It jeopardizes the listing service if trainers/designated contact people have a number of “tire kickers” or “no shows.”

Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds, Inc is providing the listings of Available Horses as a volunteer service to assist finding good non-racing homes for the horses. We do not act as agents for sellers or purchasers. The information provided on the listings is reported  by the trainer, groom, handler, and/or owner of the horse. We cannot and have not verified the information provided to us, and we do not warrant or endorse a horse’s soundness, temperament, or suitability for any particular use.

We strongly recommend that you have a pre-purchase veterinary exam (PPE) done prior to purchasing the horse. There are veterinary practices that service the track or you may make arrangements with a veterinarian of your choosing. Keep in mind that “soundness” is a term with many connotations and that different disciplines have different standards for what may or may not be a disqualifying issue. Be clear with the veterinarian what your future goals with the horse are so that the vet who does the PPE for you can have an informed discussion with you about the horse’s suitability for what you hope to do with the horse.

If you wish to be escorted around the track stable area by one of our volunteers, please contact us by phone or by email or by message to our Facebook page. See the “Contact Us” tab. We will let you know when our next trip is (usually Saturday mornings) and make arrangements to help you. We  offer advice about the process of acquiring a horse, and any opinions given about a particular horse or their suitability for your purposes are those of an observing horse person and cannot be taken as any sort of professional advice or warranty of suitability.


The following contact information is for some of the veterinarians who practice at the track or who will come to the track and have done PPE’s for people who have purchased from our listings.  We do not endorse any particular veterinarian, nor is this an advertisement.

  • Finger Lakes Equine Practitioners (located on the track) Dr. Bryan Hobson (585) 924-3424  or his cell:  (585) 943-5486
  • Farmington Equine Associates (located on the track) Dr.Brendan Warrell –    (585) 924-5435

An off track veterinary practice that will come to the track to do PPEs is Henderson Equine Clinic, Avon NY  585-243-5560 The vets have advised us that it greatly enhances the PPE if you can be present when the vet exam is done. We understand, however, that is not always possible for out of town purchasers.  These vets will make credit card payment arrangements and call to discuss their findings with you.

Shippers: Based on or near the track:

Dave Bonelli    585-370-1670; fully licensed and insured, will ship to most places in the eastern US including as far south as Florida, and the Carolinas.

Mary Honora Corke, City View Equestrian, East Bloomfield NY  (585)386-9338;  can go to Canada, will ship within 6 – 7 hour trip from Rochester, NY area, fully licensed and insured; can do overnight layups or short term boarding while waiting for paperwork or longer haul

Shippers: National companies who have shipped for FLF purchasers

Ferguson Equine Transport:  973-955-7280

Dawn Oliva    text her at 407-421-7334.

K & H Horse Transport, located in Western Massachusetts. Fully licensed and insured. 4-horse slant load trailer. Ships in the Northeast. Contact Emily Konstam at 413-717-5296 (call or text)

S & S Equine Transport LLC. 203-984-2220.  Based out of Montgomery, NY. Frequently ships to and from Finger Lakes, NYRA tracks, throughout NY State, and up and down the eastern seaboard. Will consider any shipping route.  Fully insured, DOT #. Has a two horse and new 2017 5 horse trailer.

Will Vidler, Sunny Acres Farm, Honeoye Falls, NY. 585-729-1918.   Based near the track, will ship all over, although during the Morgan horse show season has to prioritize shipping for his show stable.

Brookledge Horse Transportation 800-523-8143 (PA office); 800-331-0142 (Lexington KY office);  800-955-7654 (Ocala FL office);  multiple weekly trips to/from  NE and KY and Florida and points in between; also regular trips from NE to western states. Fully insured, US DOT#   Excellent reports from recent FLF purchasers

Lorraine Horse Transport. Based in Ocala, with offices in Elmont NY and Massachusetts; frequent trips to NY tracks and up and down the east coast. 352-622-2214. Fully insured, US DOT #. Excellent reviews from FLF affiliated purchasers.

M J Redding Transport 508-782-8064 ; based in Massachusetts, has shipped several horses from our listings to New England and to the Midwest, with excellent reviews

Vicki Henderson, Double HH Ranch Transport  517-673-9388.  Based in Michigan, will ship all over.

TAPP Horse Transportation (KY based)  859-873-5474

Pine Valley Acres Equine Transport (NJ based)   973-209-6101

Black Oak Farm and Horse Transport (  frequent trips up and down northeast, especially to and from Florida, will make stops and drop off in between

Carpenter and Lee (Jerry Carpenter) 443-622-4820  or

D & L Transport, David  and Brandi Tanner  352-207-2430 or 352- 895-1864.   Based out of Florida, frequent trips up and down northeast, will make stops and drop off in between; excellent reports on service and horse care from recent FLF purchasers

Rex  Connelly 352.804.8574, based in Florida, frequent trips up and down east coast, can take 6 at a time

Michael Henn, based in PA, trips throughout NE and south to Florida and points in between. 570-665-0769

Heather:  private shipper with 4 horse gooseneck; will ship from Finger Lakes to New England area

You can also try the travelinghorse website to ask for a quote and dates for your route. Some of our volunteers have had excellent experiences with finding quick, good, competitively priced shipping through this site of reputable professional shippers.


Shippers to and from Canada:

Ecclestone Horse Transport — regular trips from Ontario to NY and other locations in the Northeast US; also has a location in Michigan.   Office/Dispatch: 1-844-EHORSET (1-844-346-7738)

Mary Mykytyn  613-867-7447  or US cell:  214-789-0817

Perry Transport  905-859-0333

International Horse Transport 905-584-2202