APRILFOOLEDYA, 2014 16.2h dark bay gelding

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track, Farmington, NY

Meet “Joker,” a beautiful friendly guy who just doesn’t want to be a racehorse.  In his seven races, he has always run  far back in the pack. But with his good looks, solid build, and kind personality he has so  much potential for the discipline of your choice.  Joker’s trainer says he is very good to handle on the ground and quiet to ride under saddle, and that he has no vices. He says Joker has always been sound.  We photographed him two days after he had raced, and we observed a bit of a hitch in his step behind. The trainer reiterated that Joker has always been sound and has no issues, and said  the dry and cuppy track surface this year has led several horses to feel  hind end post-race effects for several days.  We took a quick look at Joker 5 days after we took our video, and he looked fine and showed good movement.  Joker is reported to be good in turn out, where he prefers to have a buddy. Joker is by a stallion, Dark Mystery, who was primarily used for show horse and sport horse breeding, so that bodes well for Joker’s potential in a  new career.

Price: $2,000 negotiable

Contact:  Eddie Maver  786-285-2047


A pre-purchase exam is always recommended. For information about on-track vet practices available to do PPEs, please see the post pinned to the top of our page or the How to Buy menu tab on our website.

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