Bandit City, 2012, 16.2h chestnut ridgling

PLACED. Bandit City, 2012, 16.2h chestnut ridgling. Located at the Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, NY (near Rochester, NY). 
Wow! How can you resist that face?? This is a drop dead gorgeous, blocky, classy guy who has never raced and has been sidelined with an injury that occurred during training approximately 10 days ago. He is described as a good boy and what we saw is enough to convince us that he would make an ideal project for someone who is willing to give him the tincture of time and bring him along patiently. Even with all of the hubbub of horses coming and going during training hours, he stood quietly with his handler, never putting a foot out of place. His groom raved about him-which is always telling! This handsome youngster positively exudes class. We admired his broad neck and very kind eye. We asked the handler if he is always as quiet as he was this morning and he stated that he is very good boy and is very easy to handle and work around. He does not act studdish. His trainer reports he is a very mild cribber-mostly just after getting peppermints.

He has a small, non-displaced fracture in his right front cannon bone which the vet has stated will heal well enough for him to pursue any discipline, including eventing. His x-rays are available for review by you and your veterinarian. Hey-you could even use his time off to do his gelding procedure if desired!

References will be required and checked by the trainer.

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