Big East was our first  offering of the day and he was well worth the trip to the track for our official launch of the 2019 meet. One of our volunteers had met this gent last year and absolutely loved him. Those of us who have seen him in the flesh believe that he is a quality horse with tremendous sport potential. Big East was tailing off last year after compiling a decent race record with a relatively modest 28 starts and 11 in the money finishes. While being trained for the 2019 season, Big East bled during one of his workouts and his trainer has decided that now is the time to retire him from racing. It is unlikely that he would continue to have problems with bleeding during activities that are less strenuous than racing, although we would recommend discussing it with your veterinarian. This guy is just too nice to pass up. We were impressed with his size and his big, solid feet, something not always seen in thoroughbreds. He is described as a very chill dude with a mellow attitude about everything. He has prominent withers now and muscling in the neck with a change of activity and training will eventually give him a nice top line. He is described as sound and we saw nothing to give us pause. His legs are cold and tight. He was alert and ready to strut his stuff when we asked for a video of his jog and we liked his nice spring from behind. He’s already had the winter off with minimal training while at the track in these initial weeks after the backside opened up, so he can transition to your training regimen from a refreshed status. We expect that, with a nice young horse that ticks all the boxes, he won’t languish for long. Give a call if you are seriously interested.

Price $2500

Contact Adrianne d’Alessandro 585-281-1810

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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