Bow 2010 16h black and white TB/paint gelding – Track Pony!

Every once in a while we get a track pony to list and Bow is the most
recent one. And what a cute one he is at that! His breeding is
explained as 1/2 thoroughbred and 1/2 teaser stallion! But whatever it is, Bow has inherited the athleticism and great movement of the thoroughbred, with the solid body of his paternal side. We were impressed with his good bone, conformation, and solid bodied size. And for his jog video, he showed beautiful movement, with cadence and suspension, suggesting that Bow could do dressage, or eventing. His owner, who broke him and has done pretty much everything with him, describes him as “solid as a rock”, a “Cadillac” to gallop with a smooth canter, and a bombproof, accomplished trail horse. He has ridden him in snow up to his belly, across water and in all terrains. He has ponied racehorses and been ponied.He ties to anything, is an easy keeper and is quiet and well behaved. The owner does believe that Bow needs an experienced rider who can “finish” him to their specific disciplinary needs. Bow would be retained by the owner as a track pony but his job as an outrider prevents him from spending as much time with him as he deserves and Bow is not up to the task of being his afternoon mount, where an outrider requires a fast horse to catch those that are loose on the track.

Contact: Jamie 717-645-0508

Price: $2500 neg.

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