Bulldog On a Bone, 2008 16h bay gelding: retained by owner

This handsome, sound, classy, and lovely moving horse is obviously much loved by his trainer, and our volunteers fell in love with him too!  We watched the trainer give “Boner” scritches on his neck and withers, which were rewarded with nuzzles.  The trainer says he is a really cool horse , a very sound and very nice boy who is laid back and great to work with and ride,  but who tries to con you into thinking he’s a grouch by making crabby faces while in his stall. But once he brought him out, the true sweetheart personality shone through, as Bulldog On a Bone and his trainer showered affection on each other. Bulldog On A Bone is clean legged and described as very sound after 60 starts with 5 wins and 27 in the money finishes. There are few race conditions left for him so it is time to let him find a new career. We see unlimited potential for any new career. With his lovely balanced movement and flashy good looks, he could certainly shine in the hunter ring.  As a bonus, we were told that the owner has ridden Bulldog on A Bone all through fields and woods in the winter, in a western saddle, and he is bombproof — the owner put on the borium shoes and the snow pads, and off they went across the countryside. So Bulldog On A Bone is already proven as a trail and cross country horse!   Please do not let the fact that he is 8 years old deter you — this is a lovely sound and durable horse who has many great years left to give and could shine in many disciplines!
Price: $2500
Contact: John Tebbutt  585-230-5710

Race Record and pedigree:  http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=8349116&registry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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