Check the Cites, 5 year old, 16 h gray gelding: sold for racing

October 2013:  he was sold to another trainer at the track who is keeping him for more racing.

Oh so pretty, friendly, quiet and sound – just not into racing anymore, so his owner/trainer has decided he is ready for a new career.  Gorgeous sound young gray geldings go fast, so don’t hesitate to call about this lovely horse.  His trainer says he is quiet, and could even be suitable as a kid’s horse. She said he is very good to ride, a willing horse who will try to please and do whatever the rider wants. She says he cribs slightly but does not wear a cribbing collar. With his well balanced build, nice topline, and eye catching looks, we can see him getting noticed in the show ring. He has an excellent pedigree for sport and jumping, by Read the Footnotes from the Two Punch sire line.


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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