Clearly Perfection, 2011, 16h Chestnut Ridgling: sold for racing

This handsome chestnut is lovingly called“Big Red” by his connections who keep one of the most meticulous shedrows on the backside. For our volunteers on Saturday, he was more of the studious, Ivy League “Big Red” than the cinnamon and spice variety. His trainer reports that this 4 year old is fun to have in barn, clean legged and has never taken an unsound step while in their care. This fun loving big sound fellow is very quiet and could make a great match for an amateur working with a trainer. He is never studdish even when stabled next to mares.  His connections will check references to ensure only the best for this gentlemanly gelding.

Price: $2500neg
Contact: Dan Conway 585-329-7803

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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