Clever Flight, 4 year old, chestnut, 16.1+ gelding

This very pretty, quiet and friendly young guy impressed us with his good looks and great manners. He posed and walked and jogged quietly even though wind gusts and driving rain suddenly appeared through sunshine just as he came out for his photo session. He has a flowing walk with a big overstep.  He had just raced a couple of days earlier, and his knee came up a bit sore.  It was x-rayed, and there are no fractures or chips — just some fluid.  It was already not hot or puffy when we saw him.  Because he had not been showing any great talent as a race horse, his trainer does not want to push him further, and wants to find him a great new home where his potential for a new career can be realized.  His groom said he is a very good boy, and we watched him snuggling with his person.  Please step up for this lovely boy and become his new person. We think you will be rewarded for many years.

Price: $500
Contact:  Sugar Rohena  787-310-3954

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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