Deputy’s Daughter, 2012 15.3h bay mare

This beautiful daughter of popular sport horse sire Freud has been with her owner since she was a three year old, and there is a strong bond between them.  She is affectionately known as “DD,”  and DD sure does love peppermints!  We watched her settle right down and stand happily in the rain once her owner produced the magic candies.  DD’s owner says she is very sweet to groom and handle, but that on occasion in her stall, loud noises can set her off, and then she just needs her “reset” time.  DD far prefers turn out to stall living — her owner thinks she would be happiest in a situation where she gets maximum turn out time, and she reports that DD happily turns out with anyone, mares, gelding, ponies, minis.  DD is reported to  be good to ride, but very forward, so an experienced rider will be best for her.  Her owner thinks that DD will love hunter paces and cross country.  She reports that DD is sound, with just an old set osselet that causes no issues. We photographed DD just a couple of days after she raced, and she displayed good movement despite some of the hind end tightness typical of horses just after a race.  DD has a great pedigree for sport/jumping disciplines.  Her sire, Freud, is a full brother to Giant’s Causeway, and her dam is by Silver Deputy, a son of Deputy Minister.
Price:  $2500
Contact:  Marisa 315-719-9665®istry=T

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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