DRAGON BALLET, 2019 16h chestnut gelding

 With plenty of chrome, this boy WILL get you noticed! A leggy 3 year old right now, can you imagine what a ‘Mr. Flashy-pants’ he will grow up into? He was described to us as a “happy, get up, and go boy” who wants to go to work every day. His trainer says that he is a horse who “needs a job” to keep his mind occupied. Showing off the unique splash of white behind his girth, this boy showed us that he knows how to strike a pose; he was very cooperative for our photos. We like his long shoulder and nicely proportioned body. We’re told that he is “perfect” in his stall (this barn mucks out while horses are in their stalls, so manners are important!).We were told that he’s sound; he was sick and off feed for a little bit and is just now regaining back some weight he lost (note: this is not unusual… like a Kindergarten class in September, as the new crop of two-year-olds come to the track, they often bring along some new bugs to share with their stablemates). He was quiet and relaxed during his video, even patiently allowing his handler to stop and pick up a dropped cell phone. He displayed a nice walk overstep and a cute jog. We can envision a bright future for him in either the dressage or hunter ring. He is by Trinniberg, out of  Crazy Cat Lady, a Freud mare. And, he is very lightly raced with only 4 starts. Dragon? No way! If anything, the mystical creature that we think that he most closely channels is a unicorn.

Price: $4,000

Contact: Rachel Sells 585-748-0983 (text ok)

 Racing Record: https://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=10602400&registry=T

Pedigree:  https://www.pedigreequery.com/dragon+ballet

Dragon Ballet face Dragon Ballet head Dragon Ballet left 2 Dragon Ballet left Dragon Ballet right 1 Dragon Ballet right Dragon Ballet rrfront legs Dragon Ballet rrrear


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