Emotionltrainwreck–6 y.o. 16.3 h chestnut mare with chrome

Update: Nov. 29, 2013. This flashy mare’s owner had decided it is indeed now time to find her a new home. She retained her for racing through the late summer and fall, the mare ran well, and she has earned a great post-racing life.

This mare is flashy, powerful and athletic all day long. Her trainer describes her as a mare who gets along with her riders as long as they don’t fight with her. She prefers a light, relaxed hand and she will stride out willingly. Her owner says she is good in turn out, gets along well with other horses, and doesn’t act at all “mareish” — she says she’s a good horse to handle. She has run well this year, but her owner wants to move her on to a new career and a great new home while she is  sound and clean legged. A very good home is essential.  In mid-December 2013 when the track closes for the season, she will go to a nearby farm, where you can see her with an appointment made by contacting her owner,
Contact: Kathy Mastin (585) 576-5138 (Trainer) or Andrea Odenbach (Owner) 585-750-5514

Price: $500 negotiable Good home essential

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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