Felinefelon, 7 year old, 15.3h chestnut gelding

This wonderful wise soul has been a hard trying war horse who has won races for many different owners over his successful career, racking up over $126,000 in earnings with 8 wins and 17 in the money finishes.  He has now earned a well deserved retirement to a non-racing life where he will be loved and enjoyed.  He is clean legged and sound, and his groom described him as a very sweet and kind horse.  He posed and jogged quietly for us, and showed intelligent interest in the goings on around him. We saw him the day after a race. His groom said he has always had a slight hitch behind at the trot — that is just his way of moving, not an unsoundness. We saw him move out well. Honest, sensible and giving horses full of heart and try like this guy are real treasures.  If ever a horse deserved a forever home it is this one — and he should be able to do anything you want, whether trail riding, hunter paces, cross-country, pleasure riding.

Price:  $500
Contact: Krystal  585-455-5858

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