FLF Romeo, 2011, 16.3h flashy chestnut gelding – Placed!

Looking to fall in love – then come meet FLF Romeo – a great combination of athletic potential and loveable puppy dog.  Acquired by FLF in late June as a rehabilitation project, Romeo was several hundred pounds underweight, covered in rain rot, and showing classic signs of ulcers and in need of some serious TLC.  Under FLF’s care and at our expense, Romeo has gotten some much needed groceries and ulcer meds and medicated baths. He is gaining weight steadily, and his coat has bloomed into a shiny dazzling copper. He has also learned to be a horse, and to enjoy turnout and pampering from humans, and to relax from the stresses of the racetrack life.  He is very lightly raced, and he is clean legged and sound. While not the greatest racehorse in history, he has tremendous potential as a sport horse and certainly makes up for his lack of racing success with a winning personality. In his almost two months off the track, he has been treated for ulcers, gotten much needed farrier and dentist attention, and was given some vacation time with special feed so he could gain weight. He has put on almost 200 pounds under our care! He is good in turnout with both mares and geldings. We recently started riding him, and he is smart and willing student! Handsome and leggy, Romeo shows excellent uphill movement and seems to take new experiences in stride – add in the lightness on his feet and you have a true upper level sport prospect. When we watch him in turnout, our jaw literally drops at how gorgeous his trot is! With his height and his gorgeous movement, he is sure to be noticed. With his good nature and charismatic presence, he is a true lover boy. Each new experience seems to be met with playful curiosity, enthusiasm and Romeo’s usual desire to please. Combinations of this height, soundness, movement, lack of vices, looks and personality are not that common so don’t get left out.
He will be sold pursuant to a no auction/no slaughter/right of first refusal contract to an approved home, and references will be required and checked.  FLF wants to insure that this special boy goes to the perfect home, and that he never again falls into the poor condition that he was in when we took him in.

He is located at a private farm in western New York near the PA border, and can be seen by appointment.

Contact: Carrie 716-560-5028

Adoption Fee: $2,500


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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