Four Reds, 4 year old 17.2 h chestnut gelding

A beautiful gentle giant, much loved by his trainer and groom.  He has raced well in his 14 starts, but with his huge size and big boned frame he did not hold up to the physical demands. He recently strained his front suspensory ligament, which has necessitated his retirement from racing. We were told that he will need eight to nine months off in the care of an experienced person who knows how to rehab suspensory injuries. Ultrasounds are available and that the vet who did them will be willing to consult about rehabilitation.  Big Red loved our attention, and we could tell he knows how gorgeous and impressive he is. He struck as a friendly and intelligent horse. Even with the recent injury he jogged well for his video and showed off good movement with reach and suspension that should be dazzling once he is sound. While jumping will most likely not be in his future, he could excel in dressage or any kind of flat work, including pleasure riding. If you are willing to give this young handsome hunk of horse the time, care and attention he needs, we think you can be richly rewarded.
Price: $500 negotiable, very good home essential
Contact: Stef Riedel 585-953-4652

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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