Ganache 2016 16.1+h bay filly — new price!

This lovely big and still growing filly has upper level eventing potential written all over her! Her trainer says she has stamina for days, and loves to gallop, but she lacks the speed to be competitive in the sprint races that predominate at Finger Lakes. Her trainer thinks she will be a cross country machine, going, and going, and loving it! Ganache has had only three races, and she is ready to move on to a sporting career while very sound and clean legged. She has a great shoulder, good hind end, balanced athletic frame, and she is a very good mover. For her jog video she showed off a very light ground covering trot with spring to her step. Her groom adores her, and her connections also report that the exercise riders love to gallop her. She always gets positve attention when she goes to the track for morning exercise, because of her flowing beautiful movement and stamina and love of galloping.She has a lot of forward energy, so she will be better suited for an experienced rider with sporting ambitions. Ganache prefers a situation where she can be turned out to the confinement she must live with at the track. Her trainer has had her on a farm over the winter, and reports that she turns out well with other horses and loves the turn out life.Her connections are reading the writing on the wall and, as disappointing as it is to pull the plug on her racing career, they are choosing to do what feels right for Ganache. This is a well started, very attractive, sound filly who presents an exciting slate for a sporting prospect. This trainer has placed several horses who have succeeded at upper levels of eventing,, or in dressage, and she is very good at predicting their aptitude for particular new careers. So when she says this filly will be a great eventer, it is worth listening! Ganache is sired by Teuflesberg, who is from Hennessy/Devil’s Bag/Halo lines, and her dam is from Riverman/Grey Dawn sire lines. These are stout European lines that have produced many horses that have been very successful in jumping oriented careers.
Price: $1,500
Contact: Lauren Linn 585-867-1157


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