Hellcat, 2010, 16h+ Dark Bay mare: sold for racing

Don’t let her name fool you– there is not an ounce of hellion in this beautiful young mare. This clean legged, sound and well balanced mare has been a good race horse, with 20 in the money finishes out of her 44 starts, earning over $92,000. She is slowing down a bit this year so her trainer would like to retire her while she is still sound and clean legged. That will be the gain of someone looking for an athlete who can excel in many new careers! She has balanced conformation, clean legs, and her solid body will take up plenty of leg but her feminine head will draw the crowd’s attention in the show ring. Her dark coat is dappled with good health, although the cloudy day did not show them off. Hellcat was friendly, cuddled with her trainer, and was beautifully behaved for her photo session. Her trainer states that she settles right in at the farm and enjoys the laid back atmosphere as opposed to the hectic environment of the track. She has no vices, a beautiful flowing gait and is ready to start her new career!!  We were unable to get a new video today as she was entered to race, but she showed lovely movement when we listed her in the past and will get a new video when we are at the track next weekend.

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.
Price: $3,000neg
Angel Montanez 585-402-3237

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