Hurling, 2008 16.3 h bay gelding

This big, flashy, athletic, sound gelding is an excellent sport horse prospect. He has been a successful race horse, with ten wins and 12 placings in his career, so he obviously has heart and determination that should transfer to the cross country course.  He was the dappled picture of health, and so well behaved for his photos. He had raced just a couple of days before his photo session, but he jogged soundly and while he was very laid back and did not fully trot out, he looked like a nice mover. We watched some of his many winning race videos, and observed a fluid ground covering gallop. His trainer says he is sound, but it is time to find him a new career because with so many wins there are fewer race conditions left for him. He says Hurling is good to ride, has been a perfect gentleman when turned out at their farm.  Due to Hurling’s size and athleticism and strong work ethic, his trainer recommends an experienced rider and horse person, and we can see him taking you far in the eventing world.
Price:  $2,000
Contact:  Dan Conway 585-329-7803

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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