If and Almost, 6 year old, bay 16.1 h gelding

This handsome and friendly guy has been a good racehorse who always tries his best.  He had a chip removed from his knee at the end of the meet last winter, spent the next couple of months recuperating, and was put back in training.  He breezed a week before we took his photos, and his caring owner and trainer decided that they didn’t want to push him to keep running, and would prefer to find him a good home with a less strenuous career. His trainer says that after a brief rest, he should be fine for riding.  He said he is a good horse, good to handle, sensible.  He was very dignified and well behaved for his photos.  We also watched some videos of his races, and he showed lovely movement, with a balanced flowing canter.  Please give this one a chance at a great new life!

Price: $500 negotiable
Contact: Neville Henry 585-905-4214



As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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