Illicit Lover, RIP 2007-2012

Sadly, Illicit Lover was lost to colic.

You can fall in love with this guy quite legitimately!  He  has an adorable puppy dog personality, and he is so quiet that his groom dropped the lead shank, tied it around his neck and he just followed her around. His trainer says he loves attention and treats, and is very laid back.  But he is also very athletic, and a nice mover.  Sport horse, trail and pleasure horse, or big pet– he has potential for all.  She wants to retire him from racing because he is a slight bleeder. Once horses are out of the confined and stressful track environment and get turned out, this issue usually completely resolves and causes no impediments. She says he is sound, but he has an old spot on his ankle from previously grabbing it in a race, and that tight bandages can aggravate the scab, but he is fine in polo wraps.  This cute faced sweetheart of a horse will quickly become your best friend.

Price: $800 Trainer: Nirka Huertas  585-737-8817

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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