It Was All Good, 2010 16.1h bay gelding

There is indeed a lot of good in this impressive young horse.  He has a regal proud air, and he was friendly and inquisitive with us. We admired his uphill build, great shoulder, and lofty walk and floaty trot.  This horse arrived at his current trainers’ barn a few months ago in what he described as a condition of starvation, and he has put over 200 pounds on him. He is still very thin, and has a lot of filling out to do, so you have to evaluate him with an eye towards what he will be once at an ideal weight. He is lightly raced and not showing enough ability, so his trainer wants to find him a new career. He also says it will be a lot easier to add weight once he is off the track, and can get turned out, eat grass, and free choice hay, and leave the track stress behind. The trainer said he is sound, and his legs are clean. He was a bit frisky for his jog video because a track pony took off at a canter right in front of him, and he thought he was supposed to go catch up. But he then responded well to his handler and settled down. This horse has great bloodlines for jumping/sport disciplines. He is a grandson of Giant’s Causeway, and he has Montbrook/Buckpasser/ Kris S./Roberto on his dam’s side.  For those of you who can see potential and have the experience to transition and retrain this guy properly, we think this one is an “all good” prospect.

Price: $2,000 negotiable
Contact: Dan Conway  585-329-7803


As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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