Justgivemeasecond, 6 year old, 15.3+ chestnut mare: retained to race in 2013

This lovely mare has beautifully balanced conformation and a good sloping shoulder, which suggests athleticism and jumping ability.  She has a pretty head, and her coat is the color of a caramel apple.  She posed like a perfect model, confirming her trainer’s report that she has excellent manners, is very easy to handle, and has no vices.  He also said she has a nice soft mouth and is a light soft ride, and she loads easily. He says she is sound, and we noticed her clean legs.  She had raced the day before her photo session, and she jogged soundly. With her compact balanced build, we can see polo potential, but we also can see her as a lovely show horse.  She is also a fine broodmare prospect, with an excellent pedigree.  Her dam is a stakes winner from a strong female family, who has a two year old and a three year old by hot young sire Hard Spun, which suggests there is lots  more black type potential in this female family.  Her trainer wants to find her a great new home because he has to downsize due to family medical issues.

Price: $1,000
Trainer: Peter Roncone  585-225-0247

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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