KOALA BEAR, 2015 16.2h dark bay gelding

Located on a farm in Shortsville NY, close to the Finger Lakes Race Track
Everyone loves Koala Bears, and this gorgeous equine version (by an Australian sire) is as adorable and loveable as his namesake.  Koala Bear is a beloved homebred, so you can get his entire  history from the owner/breeder, who is the designated contact person.  Lightly raced, he hit the board in half of his 12 starts, but did not find the winner’s circle.  Since the tracks at which they race do not allow non-winners to race past 6, they brought Koala Bear back to their farm, let him down from racing, and are now ready to find him a great new home where he can excel in a new career.  Koala Bear has siblings, out of the same mare, who are doing quite well as show jumpers, so we think Koala Bear has equally great sport horse potential.  The owner/breeder describes Koala Bear as bold and strong and sound, with unlimited potential for any new discipline — but because he is big and strong he is best suited for an experienced rider.   He is good to handle and has no vices and ships well.  She reports that Koala Bear is good in group turn out, but is the “boss  I want to be first in” type of horse.  She has been using him as a babysitter for her young horses, and he is great at that task.   Koala Bear is a gorgeous horse, nearly black, solid bodied, with an elegant chiseled head. He is clean legged, and currently barefoot.  He had been trimmed the day before our photo session, and he showed a very nice even trot on pavement.   Koala Bear is sired by Lohnro, who was a champion in Australia, and is from the Sir Ivor/Turn-to sire line — a line one doesn’t see much in the US anymore but is known for stout sound horses with jumping aptitude and stamina. His dam, Argentina, is by Storm Cat and her female line is one of the best in the US stud book — and, as the owner/breeder informed us, she has already proven her ability to produce great jumpers. Koala Bear presents a rare opportunity to get a horse already fully let down from the track, adjusted to farm life, and ready to restart for a new career.
Price:  $3500
Contact:  Tammy Klimasewski  585-820-9999 (text preferred)
 Koala Bear face Koala Bear front Koala Bear head Koala Bear left Koala Bear rear Koala Bear right

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