Lemon Peel, 2008 16.2+ h dk bay gelding

Lemon. Peel. Mr. Peel. This fella has many monikers, not all suitable for print, and he is a well loved boy whose connections are moving him on in a sound condition ready to excel in many sporting disciplines. Lemon had notable success on the track, and last year he was sent for retraining in jumping with an eventing trainer, who vouches that he can “jump anything”, and that he likes jumping and is quite good at it. His track owner/trainer has such a bond with Lemon that she decided to try once again to race him this year, but he is showing no interest after tasting a new sweeter life! His interesting journey from racing and back to it is testimony that he is DONE on the track and ready to give eventing or H/J a serious go. Lemon is being retired sound and won’t require much, if any, letdown, and with the retraining he already has under his girth, you could start showing him this season. He was turned out all winter and he is a horse who thrives on a routine and loves to train. A powerful horse to be sure, he is excellent to gallop and likes to have his head without being silly. He knows his job and does it well but would prefer to train and skip the races altogether. This solid bodied guy has a powerful engine, big, sculpted shoulder and clean legs that have held up well to racing. He also has a big personality and requires an experienced handler although his video demonstrates that he is easily handled with a shank hooked under his chin.

Contact Megan for details about his retraining.

Contact Megan Lucas 585-766-4380

Price: $4500

Jog video at track:

Jumping video:

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