Letthestoriesbtold, 6 year old, 16.1 grey mare

Our second to the last horse of the day joined her stablemate as two of the nicest horses we have seen on this backside (and that’s saying a lot). For whatever reason, we haven’t had so many grays listed with us, so fans of grays and roans will be smitten with this beautiful girl who is very, very special to her groom, the trainer’s daughter. A five year old mare who had just recently run (thus the poultice was standard post-race care), she is being retired from racing while still healthy and happy. She far exceeded a volunteer’s “cuddle test” because she is so sweet and charismatic. We eyeballed her at 16.1 hh and, when asked to jog, she showed us beautiful hunter-type movement. The owners had nothing but positive things to say about this pretty gal.

Contact: Beth Miller-Saul 315-573-2864

Price: $2,000



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