Lifes A Roar, 2009, 16.3, Grey/Roan Gelding

This solid bodied gorgeous grey is sure to be a head turner anywhere he goes!! Wow!  Here’s your chance to own a 6 figure horse for a tiny fraction of that cost.  He sold for $350,000 as a yearling– he had clearly been identified by bloodlines and conformation as a great prospect– and race he did! Lifes A Roar earned $88k+ in 39 races on the track and came to Finger Lakes a few weeks ago from NY. Unfortunately, he had sustained an injury to his suspensory and will need time off with veterinary consultation to properly rehab the ligament. His trainer suspects that he will be ready to start rehabbing in about a month, but ultrasounds have not recently confirmed his current place in the healing process. He was sound at the walk and tracked up nicely.  He was just slightly off at the jog and minimal swelling was noted.  His current trainer has been taking care of it appropriately.  This is a serious bargain for someone willing to put in a bit of TLC with the end result being a drop dead gorgeous, well bred, friendly gelding. With his height and build, he will fill up the leg of even the tallest rider.
Price: $1000neg
Contact: Neville Henry 585-905-4214

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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