Love and Havoc, 6 year old, 16.3 chestnut gelding

At this point in the morning, we had covered a lot of territory and still had trainers flagging us down. The wind was whipping, the temperature was dropping and we were, frankly, pretty beat. What a fortuitous “just one more” moment when this spectacular fellow walked out of the barn! All fans of tall, flashy, sane and sound chestnuts, here you go! Havoc has a truly lovely presence and his handler couldn’t say enough nice things about him. A 16.3, six year old hunk of athleticism, he is a barn favorite and is sensible enough to be safe around the trainer’s young son, who goes into his stall with him and indulges his peppermint habit. He certainly struck us as quiet and well mannered, as well as a very nice mover.  This one has upper level event or show horse potential written all over him. A very classy horse, with a classy pedigree as well.

Contact: Charlie Baker 585-721-2836

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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