Luck in the City, 2008 15.2-3 h bay mare

What a pretty, solidly built mare!  Her trainer says she is a happy girl, a forward goer, and she is always on her best behavior. Indeed, they say “she never does anything bad.”  She is very well put together, and will take up more leg than her smaller size might indicate.  In addition to her flashy hind socks, we noticed she has a white spot on her belly. Her trainer says she is sound, but she is just not racing well enough this year to keep her going next season, so it is time to find her a new career.  With her looks we can see her in the show ring, but she also has the build and happy forward attitude to be a polo pony.
Price: $1,000 negotiable
Contact:  Dan Conway 585-329-7803

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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