Mama Gina, 3 year old, 16.3 bay filly

This very pretty leggy filly was rescued by her current caring owner and trainer from a sad situation, and they have been making great strides in putting weight on her and introducing her to the pleasures of grazing and affectionate people and treats.  She is blossoming under their care, and proving to be a friendly girl who they describe as easy to handle.  They say she is very sound, and her legs are completely clean.  Because of what she has been through they do not want to try to race her anymore — they took her on to find her a good home.  She is a good mover with a big flowing stride. We saw a lovely trot before we got the video camera on, but then a horse started acting up on a nearby walking machine, and Gina just wanted to canter for her jog video. Because she is young, still developing, and feeling good now that she is getting good nutrition, her trainer recommends an experienced rider who knows how to transition young OTTBs. In the right hands, someone is going to have a wonderful and very pretty athlete.

Price: $2500  very good home essential
Trainer:  Bob and Fran Ubbinks  585-738-3159

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam recommended.


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