Marchoso, 2009 16h bay gelding: sold for racing

This handsome, friendly, nice moving, sound gelding has a great temperament and great potential for many disciplines! He has had a successful career as a race horse, earning over $94,000, but he is making it clear to his connections that he wants to be successful in another discipline now!  The assistant trainer reports he is an all around “good egg”.  He is sensible, quiet to work with, and well mannered.  We saw nice tight, clean legs.  It is also reported he has no vices.  Marchoso stood very quietly for his “glamour shots” even though some of his friends were having fun in the pasture next to him.  We could see him excelling in just about any discipline!  Young, sound geldings with great looks and great personalities don’t last long on our listings-so call quickly after you fall in love. 
Price: $1500 negotiable to good home
Contact: Michelle Tasso 585-472-2804

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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