Mecke Mantle 2010 16.2 h gr/ro gelding

We know how popular gray horses are and expect Mecke will get noticed for his color alone, but his trainer gave us other reasons to like him. He is reported to be sweet and playful, easy to ride and pretty laid back while training in the morning. He demonstrated this by grabbing the shank and playing tug o’ war while standing in the road for his pictures. His trainer told us that her young daughter can pet him and feed him mints without worry. We think that Mecke is like Ferdinand the Bull, just a lover and quiet guy and thoroughly done with racing. He’s had 5 wins out of 54 starts, so he’s done his bit. .Mecke has a slight sway back but it doesn’t affect him physically and one of our volunteers related that her first hunter/jumper champion pony had a swayback. Another volunteer related that her daughter was at HITS getting bested by a swayback mare that won every class, so it’s not a deterrent to his suitability as a non-racing mount. We attempted a jog video but Mecke was feeling quite up, a common theme with many horses on the backside on this morning. Call for more information.

Price $1500 neg.

Contact Randy 757-945-8977

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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