Mono Cliffs, 2009 16.2h dark bay gelding

An elegant and beautiful horse, with a dappled coat, uphill build, good shoulder and a nice topline. In his last race, he chipped a sesamoid. His owner/trainer described it as a small chip off the back, with no compromising of ligaments.  She says that x-rays are available and she will authorize the vet to discuss his prognosis with serious prospective buyers.  She reports that the vet says he will need 6 to 8 weeks of stall rest, then limited turn out and walking, and that after rehab he should be fine for most disciplines, even jumping. His owner/trainer says he is a gentle, sweet, and kind horse, great to work around, with no vices.  We have a feeling this one is a special horse, who will richly reward the person who is willing and able to put in the rehab. An excellent home is essential, and references will be required.


Contact: Bev Wheaton  585-455-8823

Race record and pedigree:


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