No More Options, 2012 16.3h bay ridgling

While he may have “no more options” in racing, given that he just wants to slowly gallop along and has not won a race or even hit the board in 17 starts, we see many exciting options for this big, young, sound, clean legged, beautiful, great moving horse in various sport careers.   He wowed us with his elegant good looks, balanced excellent conformation, big sloping shoulder, strong hind quarters with good hip angles.  And he really wowed us when he jogged; what a gorgeous mover! He displayed light floaty movement with suspension and reach.  No More Options was described by the groom and assistant trainer as a very quiet guy, not at all studdish, and “fantastic” to ride — settling into a steady rhythm and not reacting to what ever is going on around him.  They also told us that he is completely sound, and clean legged.  The wraps on him are standard practice at this barn — we arrived for his photo session after morning training, and he had galloped that day, so he was “done up” in wraps.  He is described as a very friendly horse, with no vices, and very good to work with. We saw this for ourselves — when we approached him in his stall, he stuck his head out with ears pricked and a friendly alert demeanor, accepted our head rubs and scritches, and eagerly  but politely enjoyed attention.  We were also informed that he was  good in turn out on the trainer’s farm over the winter.
His pedigree suggests the same excellent jumping/sport potential that his conformation and movement indicate.  He is from the Silver Deputy/Deputy Minister sire line, and by a mare who is sired by Alydar’s Derby winning son Strike the Gold. Rahy and Roberto are also close up in his sire side.
Although the procedure for gelding a ridgling is more complex and costly than a normal gelding procedure, we see such huge potential for this big gorgeous guy in many new careers that we think it will be worth the investment.  He could hold his own amongst the lofty moving warmbloods in the show hunter ring; he could excel in dressage with his balance and beautiful movement.  So many options indeed!
Price: $2,000 negotiable
Contact: Marianne Manning 585-491-2391

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As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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