Mr E Philip, 2009, 16.1-16.2 chestnut gelding

This gorgeous, big fellow not only exudes class, he carries himself with a demeanor that speaks of class and a good brain. He sure looks like a great show horse prospect. He had a chip removed from his right front knee  about one year ago and the knee got some filling in a workout this spring when trying to bring him back, so the owner has decided to retire him from racing so he can be useful in other disciplines. We saw a nicely balanced, well put together solid bodied horse who has been doted over and well cared for. He showed nice movement for his jog, despite having a loose shoe, which was pulled off right after we took the video.  The trainer is more than willing to discuss his veterinary issues at your request.

Price $1,500
contact Dan Poliziani 585-200-9412

As always, a pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended.

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